Facebook Lives Vol. 2

12 live songs from Har Adonai. Now available on Bandcamp.


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Can a Busy Dad Make Art?

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 12/08/2017 | 0 Comments

Can a full-time employed dad of 8 kids make art? Well, that’s me, and I’ve got 12 new songs for you, so I guess it can be done… For most of this year, I’ve been going live on Facebook Mondays and Thursdays, 5:30 PM Israel time (which is about 10:30 AM Eastern US time). I…

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Dress Nice for Work, Dress Like Yourself for the World

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 29/07/2017 | 0 Comments

The Professional Me They say to dress for the job you want. It took me a long time to figure that out. But today, I get it. I want to work in marketing, so I dress accordingly. This is what I look like during the week: It’s what I call the professional me. The Public…

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How I Handled a Failed Kickstarter Campaign

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 22/07/2017 | 6 Comments

Raising $15,000 is hard. I tried doing it, 6 years ago. I created a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for a new album. Did it work? Yes and no. I did not raise $15,000. I did raise $2175. Did I get the $2175? No, Because Kickstarter will only give you money if you reach…

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Real Artists Don't Starve

It Only Took Me a Decade to Learn This

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 15/07/2017 | 6 Comments

Jeff Goins’ new book, “Real Artists Don’t Starve” will help you make the move from a Starving Artist mindset to a Thriving Artist mindset. I didn’t think getting a new iPhone would have me making music again. I knew I wanted to make videos, but I was intimidated by the price tags of professional video…

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12 New Songs From Har Adonai

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 01/07/2017 | 0 Comments

I play loud singsong indie rock from Jerusalem, Israel. With one beat-up guitar. And now you can download 12 songs from me, for free. I took my first 12 Facebook live recordings of 2017 and compiled them into a live album you can download from Bandcamp. This is the music of Har Adonai at its…

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It Took Me 7 Years to Make Music Again. Here’s Why.

By Adam Lee Rosenfeld | 24/06/2017 | 0 Comments

I’m Adam. I make loud indie rock from Jerusalem, Israel – with one beat-up classical guitar. I’ve been making music for 25 years. I played in a few bands. Namely The Pit That Became a Tower, My Name is Nobody, and Mutant John. I also ran a record label and distribution called Men of Israel…

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