Fatherhood is a strange thing. I am a father. I also have a father. Plus, I have a Heavenly Father, and a handful of other people who have been like fathers to me in life.

Have I treated them well? I remember being angry at most of them.

But if I’m angry at all those people, who am I really angry at? Could it be that I’m just directing my anger at those fathers, even though they don’t deserve it? Could it be that I’m just plain angry, and there’s no point in blaming anyone?

We’re all human beings, we all fail from time to time. There’s no point in harboring anger towards one another. We might as well be angry at the moon.

And if we don’t learn how to deal with our anger, we’ll find ourselves getting lonelier and lonelier – that’s how it works. No one wants to be around an angry person.

So if we’re angry at the moon, we might as well be angry on the moon.

Check out this song:


I know
All the words that you said ring true in this globe

I know
All the things that you’ve done are not the sum of who you are

I know
If it weren’t for you then there wouldn’t be me

I know…

(and I’m) Angry at the moon…

I know
There is more to this life that you wanted for me

I know
You were lost out at sea long before there was me

I know
Don’t take much to come back from the blackest of holes

I know…

(and I’m) Angry at the moon…

When you know you can be the force
that makes people run

Trying hard to embrace the course
that gets business done

Anger welling inside this guy
turning into pain

Sleight of hand and avert the eye
try to break the chain

(or be) Angry on the moon…

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