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Posts by Adam Lee Rosenfeld

A Chat With Yoni and Josiah From WHY?


On a cool late summer evening a few weeks ago in the Northern Galilee, as the sun dawned on the first International indie music festival in Israel, I met up with my childhood friends Yoni and Josiah Wolf (from the indie rap band WHY?) in a hotel room to have a long chat about faith,…

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What Do You Do When You Belong to Two Cultures?


For years I struggled in life. I was torn. I was drawn to one culture, but I was a part of another culture. A childhood in suburban America gave me a deep love for the beauty found in independent rock music, in skateboarding, and in the modern Western mythology found in films, art, and comic…

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Video: Angry at the Moon


Fatherhood is a strange thing. I am a father. I also have a father. Plus, I have a Heavenly Father, and a handful of other people who have been like fathers to me in life. Have I treated them well? I remember being angry at most of them. But if I’m angry at all those…

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Video: Now is Golden


A few years ago, I had almost stopped making music altogether. I was burnt out and in debt from running a record label and playing shows. One day I locked the door to my office-slash-record-shop and started a new job the next morning. But over time, it was harder and harder to not make music.…

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My 3 Best Songs Explained


 I recently went over all the songs I recorded over the years, and I picked out my three favorite ones. These are songs that I love both because of how they were written and how they were recorded. I think they’re great songs that sound good, too. You can get them for free here.…

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Video: “Holy Ghost” by John Mark McMillan

john mark mcmillan

This is my take on the song “Holy Ghost”, by John Mark McMillan, from his 2014 album, “Borderland”. JMM is one of my favorite artists nowadays, and I really enjoyed his recent album, “Mercury and Lightning”. I like his songs about the human condition, and man’s relationship with God. Enjoy! Thanks for checking out my…

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Video: My First Worship Song


10 years ago this month, in 2008, I left an office job and began serving in full-time ministry. My responsibility was to facilitate corporate worship in a ministry center in Jerusalem, Israel. It basically means leading worship, or playing music. By that time, I’d already released a couple albums of my own music. But the…

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