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How to Get Your Heroes to Help You Change the World

There are four key roles everyone needs in their life: a mentor, a coach, a friend, and a cheerleader. What if you could fill those roles with your personal heroes?

Do you want to change the world? Can you get clear on what the change needs to be? Learn who my heroes are and how they can help you see that change happen in your life and the lives of those around you.

This episode talks about:

  • The importance of having a clear idea of the change you want to see in the world.
  • The four key roles you need in your life now.
  • How your own personal heroes – even if you don’t know them – can help you find success.


Is the world ever going to change?

Are we ever going to see the kind of real transformational things you want to see in the world? Are we going to see a better world in our lifetime? When you look at what’s around you, many ways we’re looking for no less.

Than life from death.

We want to see people healthy, societies thrive, homes healed.

You want to go do your job and you want to make enough to live on.

You want to see people never sick again, families reunited. You want to do what you do for fun and enjoy it with others.

And so on and so forth.

I know that anyone listening right now, everyone listening right now wants to see.

The world change in some way, some sort of transformation and word that I love to use.

And there’s a faith based connotation, but I’m going to own that faith based connotation. I’m going to speak a lot from it. But that word is revival, a collective experiencing of life.

When’s it going to happen? When is the world going to change? What are we going to really see.

The change we want to see in the world?

Well, let me narrow it down and.

Say, what is the specific transformation that you want to see in the world?

Can you think in your scope, in your life? What do you want to see? Change.

And when I started thinking about it, I realized that I got to drill.

Down on this and I got to get clear of the transformation that I.

Want to see in the world and.

What I want to see. I want to see indie music culture transformed with healing power. I want to see people healed. I want to see homes healed, families healed. And I want to see communities healed within indie music culture.

Another way to say it is through the power of art to see art bring healing to people.

And I am fully aware of the supernatural, the spiritual context. And I am fully awaiting and encouraging and talking about the power of the Holy Spirit, a spiritual power.

If you know what I’m talking about, great. If you don’t, I’m happy to talk more about it.

But that Holy Spirit to come and heal into music culture.

That sounds pretty big. Sounds pretty like a big scope. Maybe you don’t even relate, but I.

Had to get clear the transformation that.

I want to see in the world when I go and I do what.

I do in life.

When I wake up in the morning.

What did I do today to see.

That transformation happen in the world?

Time is short. I can’t afford to waste time not pursuing the change that I want to see in the world. And you cannot afford to waste time.

Not pursuing the change that you want.

To see in the world. This is Adam Lee Rosenfeld here with the music project Har Adonai.

And I welcome – Har Adonai means Mountain of the Lord. I want to welcome you to season.

Two of the podcast Beauty Truth.

So welcome. This is season two. I wanted to say it’s a work in progress, a lot of tech stuff. When it comes to podcast. People want to own the podcast space and rule.

So I’m just enjoying the process here.

And this is a podcast really about.

My journey as an artist who wants to change the world. Please visit to be a part of that change that I want to see in the world. And to go into a deeper conversation.

With me, I love to just connect with people. I got a special email list going on and a Facebook group where we connect and we talk and we have.

Monthly webinars, and we go deeper with these subjects. So I’m inviting you to a deeper conversation. All right. Have you heard of Edwin C. Barnes? This is old school. We’re talking 100 plus years ago.

Edwin C. Barnes is a guy who.

Decided one day whenever he did decide.

That he was going to be the business partner of Thomas Edison, old school Thomas Edison. And this guy decided that he had.

To stake it all to give everything.

He had to get a train to visit Thomas Edison.

He showed up at Thomas Edison’s door, and he made it clear that he was going to be Thomas Edison’s business partner. Long story short, he ended up being very successful.

He ended up being Thomas Edison’s business.

Partner, amongst other things.

Why am I bringing this up? Is because he had a reference point for what he wanted to see in life.

He looked around.

Maybe he wasn’t happy with life, with the way things were.

And he had this reference point. That reference point was Thomas Edison. He wanted to be in the Thomas.

Edison space of things.

And so I’m going to drop a term on you. Very simple term. Very well known term term is heroes. Heroes.

I love to drill deep on words because bilingual. I’m a Hebrew Speaker, and there’s Hebrew roots to words. Many words came from Hebrew.

And the Hebrew word for hero talks about being someone who overcomes hardship.

It’s also linked with the word for man. You know, not to make this a gender conversation because the same Bible has.

A concept of also heroic women.


Let’S just think a little bit about the concept of heroes.

Let’s get some space with the concept.

Of heroes and think, who is your Thomas Edison?

Who is the person whose space communicates to you? That’s where you want to exist. That’s where you want to be. That’s where you want to function. That’s where you want to thrive, and that’s where you want to see the.

World change, who are people that are changing the world in ways that you want to see in your own life? Okay. How can these people guide you to success, to succeeding, in finding that transformation in the world, in your own life. We need to see success happen.

In reality, it’s very difficult to set.

Out to do something that you don’t have a reference for.

Now there’s a place for new things that haven’t been done before and haven’t occurred before. I imagine there’s a place for that. Maybe everything has already happened and there’s nothing new under the sun, but it’s okay.

But what part of that, what steps in the way have happened? What has already happened in the world? Let’s look to those things for reference.

Just like this case of Edwin C.

Barnes seeing Thomas Edison as his reference.

For success in the world.

I’d like to take a step to look at my own heroes. I had to think once I drilled down on the transformation that I wanted.

To see in the world my life.

I opened up the concept of heroes.

For me because not only did I.

Need to identify those heroes, I needed their help.

I don’t even know most of these people or all of these people personally. I don’t even have a relationship with.

Some of them, but just opening my mind to acknowledging them and thinking on them, it was almost as if they were talking to me.

I had a problem, and I said.

What would Hero X do?

And when I thought about it, I.

Got the answer to my problem. They didn’t even do anything. It’s just that their example that they.

Set and the transformation in the world.

That they’re already facilitating, the results that they’re already bringing. If I observe them, I learn like an observer of the natural world, I learn how to get through some of my own problems. Let me list a few of my heroes. Okay.

The first hero I want to talk about, by the way, you can have.

Multiple heroes in multiple spaces in life, multiple areas.

Maybe Edwin C. Barnes saw Thomas Edison.

As a hero in the business sphere, I have business heroes.

That’s fine, but you can have all.

Kinds of heroes for other spheres of life, other areas of life.

And by the way, this is a.

Short list of heroes. I have a longer list, and possibly all of us have long lists of heroes.

We have our favorite movie directors and our favorite writers and so on and so forth.

But there are five people that I want to talk about today.

First person I want to talk about is an artist musician by the name.

Of John Marfa Miller.

I don’t know him personally. I don’t have a personal relationship with him.

But why do I like the guy? What transformation is he facilitating in the.

World that I want to see? And one of those things is that.

He is doing truly new music, at least to me. A lot of times we listen to.

Things and we say, oh, I’ve heard that before. I’ve seen that before. It’s another example of this. It’s another example of that.

This guy, he is really, to me.

Making a new sound, and that excites me.

So I’m drawn in to his music creation process.

I’m following the guy because that is a music creation process that excites me and that I would like, to a.

Degree, follow for myself.

I don’t want to copy his sound, but I want to learn from him.

He’s my hero also. He does a very good job from what I’ve observed in keeping a team around him. He seems to hold on to some.

Really great musicians, and I appreciate that.

But there’s another reason that I see John McMillan as a hero a few years ago.

It has become a few years now. It feels like yesterday, right before we had this COVID situation, John Rock and Grillon put on a performance in England. And I don’t live in England, but I was considering hopping the pond to go to this performance. It was something that it was kind of on my heart to do, and I was looking forward to it, and I got sick, and I wasn’t able to use that opportunity. It ended up being the last performance before COVID and everything got shut down. And after a while, that video got released.

On what’s it called.

It got released on video, and you can see clips of it, so you can buy it, but it’s on YouTube, and I got to, at least through.

Video, enjoy this performance.

But I noticed something in the performance that as the song, all these great songs went on, the cool songs of the show went on.

It was a great show, and it.

Was his music, and he’s doing a great job.

The concerts seem to make way to.

Bring people to a collective experience of worshiping God. That is not something that you expect when you go out to a club. I talked about indie music culture. You want to go see an indie band, you go out, you hang with your friends, you get some beers, do whatever you do. And I don’t think people expect the event to transition into some sort of Church time.

But on the other hand, if you go to some event.

That’S transcendental, that’s.

Inspiring you and changing your life, I.

Want to see people leave that kind of event a better person with healing in their heart. And I’ve been to so many concerts.

Where I was like, that was a great concert. But now what?

Yeah, we shouted, yeah, we ran around.

But now what? How does my life get any better?

And John, Mark McMillan and his wife.

Sarah and their band, they made a.

Way to let God come in. If you believe in God or if you don’t, that’s okay. I’m speaking up to all of us.

I’m not preaching to the choir here, but this guy spiritually, he acted on his convictions and made way for God to work in his concert. And finally, in regards to John McMillan.

It was the first time where I.

Saw an event like this happening. And there was no one from the.

Older generation in the room. There was no mom and dad.

There was no senior, older pastor or elder in the room. Not that that’s a bad thing at all, but it was like, the kids are doing this.

We’re not all that young. But it was like, the next generation is doing this. The next generation is putting on the indie show and giving space for God.

My musical hero, John Rock Mellon hero number two.

This began in my desire to learn.

How to improve my life.

I became interested in the concept of leadership. This is something that I’ve been dealing with for years, but I became a father. Just in order to do my music, I had to become a business owner. So father, business owner, so on and so forth. It’s not long before you start needing.

To learn sound principles of leadership.

Then you start hearing terms like coaching. These are all foreign things to me when I was younger, but they get.

More and more integrated in your life. And there was a guy that started.

Blogging, and he just really got into this blogging thing, and he started to interest me. His name is Michael Hyatt. And I discovered his blog when I.

Was researching morning routines one day, and.

He just said who he was. He was the retired CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, and he just likes blogging now. I don’t know how exciting that is for you if we’re talking about indie music culture. Who wants to hear a retired CEO read his personal blog? But as I began to observe him grow with this blog, I’m thinking about.

Six years later, he has one of.

The biggest companies or one of the fastest growing companies in America. It’s on some sort of top 500 list. And he transitioned his blog into this.

Thriving business, and he creates just wonderful.

Resources so you could learn how to.

Teach yourself, really, leadership and coaching.

And I’ve taken his principles and integrated them into a goal setting system that I use year in, year out. And I do not straight from it.

Even doing this podcast right now has to do with my goals, the goals.

That I’ve set for myself, goals that I set to see the transformation that.

I want to see in the world.

And so I really recommend this hero of mine, Michael Hyatt, and his coaching and leadership resources. And it should be noted that another.

Reason that he has inspired me is.

Because he comes from a culture. And you could observe that he comes from Franklin, Tennessee. I don’t know if you ever been to Franklin, Tennessee, by Nashville, but there’s a culture there that I want to point out. And the culture is about wowing people, about exceeding expectations. If you’re in a service business or if you’re doing work. There’s a constant desire to exceed expectations to wow. And we were partnered with people from that area years ago in an organization I worked with. And there was always this wow coming out of the Nashville area. And so that works into what he does as a business and all of their marketing. And I do a lot of marketing. I can’t reach people and to invite.

Them to see a change without using marketing tools.

And within that sphere, using marketing in over delivering and exceeding expectations really speaks to me. So check out Michael Hyatt, who successfully transitioned from a personal brand to a business that is now called Full Focus. So Michael Hyatt equals Full Focus coach number three, there’s a guy named Jeremy Pryor. He’s a personal friend, but he also has a public platform. And the reason that I was so drawn to this guy is because not only did we share the same faith and we talked about some of these.

Faith based things, but he was also.

Active in the startup world. To a certain degree of my life, I was surrounded by this faithbased culture that wasn’t really connecting with other areas of society and the business world really attracted to me. The startup world attracted me, a lot of young people in the start up world. I would even go so far to say that skateboarding culture, which I came from, has influenced the startup world, has influenced the business of today.

So this is a start up guy.

He’s a startup guy, but he shares my faith. But what does he want to step out and teach about?

What does he want to use this platform for?

Very simply, family. Okay, he wants to talk about family. This is a hero of mine in.

Regards to family, because he is tired.

Of seeing the way family is operating as a whole in Western culture. Very simply, in Western culture, we’re seeing the family as a collective of individuals, which is putting individuals together in one building, in one house and praising their individualism. Whereas he wants to get in touch with the ancient roots of family and see that family is more like a team. You could even use the analogy of a sports team. And he has an organization called Family Teams that has a lot of resources about that. And because I’m a dad, I became a dad. It happens no matter how you can.

Be intentional about it or not intentional about it.

But at the end of the day, I’m a dad. I have children. I want to do it right.

And so he’s been a hero to.

Me in that sphere and that transformation that I want to see in family. Jeremy Pryor I’m going to try to.

Put all these resources, related resources in the show.

Notes this podcast is something that you can listen to whatever platform you’re listening to it on.

But if you go to the website.

Itself, if you go to the,, you get the content with all kinds of notes and resources. I love to add all that stuff. So any questions about this stuff you can find there? Jeremy Pryor coach. That was hero number three.

Two more that I want to talk about.

All right.

Music. Another music heroart.

More of a more hero on art is a guy named Robert Pollard. Robert Pollard is known from the 90s as being a part of a band, as leading a band called Guided by Voices.

Maybe you’ve heard of it.

If you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably really heard of it. And if you haven’t heard of it, you probably haven’t heard of it. People who like it, people who know no. When it comes to God of our voices, that’s what I’ve seen. And it’s 90s indie band. They were very famous for making very special melodies from the basement, recording onto cassette tapes and what’s called a loafi sound. And I could spend all day talking about this band. I really love this band, but I can’t stand here on this podcast and vouch for everything that they’ve created as artists, everything at Robert Pollard, the main creator in this band, has created as an artist.

But here is something that I am inspired by.

Robert Pollard is 63, I think right now, maybe 64. He’s an older guy, and he’s making.

Music just as much as ever. With the current lineup of Guided By Voices, they are averaging about three full.

Length albums a year. They’re releasing vinyl records. Robert Pollard is doing his art with collages visual art that goes together with the music.

But the point is that he’s created.

A framework for his art. He’s been very faithful and diligent in creating a framework where he says, album here, collage here, side project here, concert here.

He knows how to fill every little part of that framework with himself, with.

The gift that he has as an artist. And side note, I’ve seen him try to do this for 20 years, and I’ve seen him do it over 20 years. And I’ve seen him do it better and seen it do it worse. I’ve seen it go better and get worse.

And I’ve seen him do trial and error to find a very good content.

Framework as an artist.

And that inspires me to create my.

Content framework in what I have to give as the world.

And right now you’re listening to a podcast from me.

And so that’s the podcast framework and the final hero transformation in the world that I want to bring here is.

An author and artist by the name of Jeffrey Hakes.

You’re welcome to look him up on Amazon. Jeffrey Hakes is a dear personal friend.

And he’s a mentor to me. And the transformation in the world, the transformation that I see in his life.

The reason I see him as a hero is because he has found that.

Path to very briefly, in short, to.

Live what he believes.

I mean, he lives what he believes, but what does he believe? What do I believe if we’re going.

To say we believe in God, we’re called to a relationship with God, a.

Very live relationship with God, not just the religion where we do different things.

And we say we check a few boxes and say we did the God things today, but it’s an actual relationship. And I go so forward to say continual Communion with God, continuous walking and Holiness. The idea of Holiness as being something that’s unattainable has always bothered me that if we’re going to live transformed lives, then that transformation needs to be available to us. And that’s what the name horror deny.

Of my band, my music project has.

To do with it really means Mountain of the Lord, which is the place that only the Holy people ascend to.

Those with clean hands and a pure heart.

And what I’m trying to say is that we all can be the people. We all can get our lives cleaned. We all can walk in Holiness if.

We walk in this relationship.

And Jeffrey Hanks is a hero for.

Me in terms of that relationship, he’s.

Teaching me how to walk in that relationship. So thank you for listening to who my heroes are.

Who are your heroes?

You want to see a transformation in your life.

Who are those people that you can.

Think of in your life? Maybe you don’t know them personally, but.

What can you learn from them to get that step closer to the transformation.

That you want to see in the world?

I encourage you to reach out to the heroes, to reach out to your heroes.

And just because.

Edwin C. Barnes had.

To take a train to see Thomas.

Edison, maybe there was a Thomas Edison in his own town. Maybe there was somebody who was doing.

Something that was close to what Thomas Edison was doing that was closer to him.

There might be a Thomas Edison near.

You within your community, somebody who could.

Be closer to you and could be.

That hero to you.

You don’t have to go all the way to the end. You might be able to reach out to that closer person. You’d be surprised how many people are.

Willing to give you their time to.

Help you together see that transformation in the world.

I confess that I still use Facebook so you can guess my age, but I’m not age no big deal for me. But on Facebook, I saw something from finance guy Dave Ramsey. He was sharing something that said everybody needs four things. I’m sure this was taken from some famous book. I don’t know what famous book is from, but listen carefully. Everybody needs four things.

A mentor, a coach, a friend and a cheerleader. Everyone needs a mentor, a coach, a.

Friend and a cheerleader. Now, are we really pursuing this how.

Many of us are really filling in those gaps?

Now, when I talk to you about.

My heroes, some of those heroes actually fill these gaps for me.

I’m actually able to have a regular.

Relationship with a mentor, A regular relationship.

With a coach, a regular relationship with.

A friend and a regular relationship with a cheerleader.

It hasn’t always been the case.

It’s taken years to develop these relationships.

But I’ve been able to have those things and I truly believe that that is an essential part of being an.

Artist and changing the world with your art. So let’s wrap this up, okay, really quick. Why won’t the world change? We need to be clear on that change.

We want to see in the world that transfer information. Then we need to start identifying where in the world that transformation really is happening.

Where in the world or where in history. And then we want to reach out to those heroes that have made that transformation possible. If it’s by observing them or if.

It’s by actually connecting with them.

Get a mentor, a coach, a friend and a cheerleader and if you’ve got those be that for other people. Your time is precious and it needs.

To go to changing the world. You’re listening to beauty truth podcast from Har Adonai, the music project of Adam Lee Rosenfeld. That’s me. And thank you for listening. I want to encourage you to visit to be a part of the change that I am working to see in the world that indie culture transform with healing power.

Indie music culture transform with healing power.

Go visit

Be a part of the change.

Come into a deeper conversation with me and with us together and we can enjoy it. So thank you for listening. We’re going to leave with one of my songs from a recent collection of demo recordings. I just decided I enjoyed so much just making stripped down versions of my song And I released them under the album name best practices hang around and this song is called Trap Is the man, which is directly inspired from my relationship with my parenting coach, my family coach, Jeremy Pryor. Trapped is the man. Thanks, guys.

June 8, 2022

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