10 years ago this month, in 2008, I left an office job and began serving in full-time ministry.

My responsibility was to facilitate corporate worship in a ministry center in Jerusalem, Israel. It basically means leading worship, or playing music.

By that time, I’d already released a couple albums of my own music. But the songs I had written were not what one would consider “worship music” – they were more indirect expressions of truth, as opposed to direct ones. They did not tend to have repeatable choruses that you could sing in a faith-based community setting.

So I thought I’d write a new song to signify this transition in my life. A song that could be sung in the context of worship. A direct expression of truth.

The song I wrote was called “All’s for Your Glory”. My first worship song. A folk/country gospel tune. It was a relief to finally have one of my own songs to sing in the worship room, so I didn’t have to always play other people’s songs.

But in the few times since that I took the stage outside of the worship room, I wanted to play this song as well. Surprisingly, it was met with a great response. People seem to like it.

So I started off 2018 by playing this song live online.

You can check it out below:

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